Information Technology Management

"Achieve Your Strategic Objectives, Business Models and IT Goals "

Aligning IT With Business and Strategy

On top of keeping IT functions aligned with business and strategy, the IT management faces the challenge of developing critical processes, replacing outdated IT systems and limiting IT costs.

QPR offers your IT management dedicated solutions for obtaining a holistic view on how your organization operates and analyzes the effects of change on your IT architecture. QPR tools ensure the alignment of business and IT, so that IT assets, processes and implementation truly become a supporting force in the realization of your objectives.

To get a common understanding between business and IT, QPR ProcessAnalyzer helps you get a complete picture of how your different IT systems are used in different processes. In addition, QPR EnterpriseArchitect QPR EnterpriseArchitect supports in identifying the dependencies between IT, applications, processes and people.

IT Management with QPR:
  • Align strategy, operations and IT through creation of dedicated, interlinked viewpoints for management, business operations and IT.
  • Analysis and recommendations for optimizing IT portfolio costs with Application Portfolio Analysis.
  • Governance model for process and IT development with defined roles and responsibilities