Industry 4.0 Training

"Future of Industry 4.0 and Lean Manufacturing"

Industry 4.0 is in the agenda of many companies. However, in which areas Lean and Industry 4.0 intersect is questioned. The answer to the problem is not just "yes" or "no," but the fact that a management discipline is not possible without the other. Only companies with lean processes can turn technology into action. Operations that run through processes that are not defined correctly create bottlenecks in the automation of processes and digital transformation.

The contents of this training that will be:

> Basic Information About Digitalization

  • Lean Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and Concepts of Digitalization
  • Essential Requirements for Digitalization Projects and Lean Management

> Requirements and Basic Conditions of Digitalization

  • Success Factors for Sustainable Change
  • Opportunity to Digitale - Threat - Risks

> Competency Requirements for Organizational Models and Industry 4.0

  • Management and Employee Integration on Industry 4.0 - Mental Adaptation
  • Management 4.0 What Will Change, What Will Remain?
  • Strategy - Value Chain - Organizational Structure - Stakeholders - Employees - IT Systems Integration

> Future Steps

  • Vision for Industry 4.0 - Strategy Map and Actions
  • Quick Wins