QPR Metrics - Corporate Performance Management

"Flexible and Robust Structure Lives up to Organizations' Expectations"

Manage Your Strategy and Goals Effectively
With QPR Metrics Corporate Performance Management, you can view the big picture from your Strategy Map to Operational Targets and obtain a flexible performance management  capability, satisfying your multiple needs, such as strategy and operational performance. More than a performance management solution, QPR Metrics helps your organization gain robust online collaboration capabilities. Employees can add comments and actions to their dashboards while managers translate into action, the insight they gain by following-up the assigned tasks and progress made.




Practical and User-Friendly
Don't waste your time on implementing software, but instead, focus on your strategic goals.
Monitor Your Performance in Real-Time
View your performance from corporate level all the way down to department and employee levels with a single click.
Take Advantage of the Sector-Specific Practices 
Meet  the models tailored to each sector's needs by consultants who have been providing support covering broad range of industries for 20 years.



Monitor Your Strategy Maps and Scorecards Easily
QPR Metrics Corporate Performance Management Software provides a single platform to help organizations align with their strategic goals, fully commit to strategy execution and see the big picture.  The solution is integrated with the other  QPR Suite modules to meet your Corporate Performance Management needs.
User-Friendly  Configuration   
With QPR Metrics,  you can easily make the necessary adjustments, if your Strategic Goals and scorecard composition change.  You can also implement model changes and modify calculation rules on your own.   No need to get help from the IT department or your vendor.   
Centralized Authorization
QPR' User Authorization feature allows organizations to centrally manage the process of granting access to individual users/ groups.
QPR Metrics is a performance management solution that enables all management levels to track the progress of Strategic Goals and Performance.
Strategy Maps and Dashboards
A dynamic and visual reporting solution enables you to monitor your organizational goals, objectives and KPI' s that you like to keep at your fingertips.
Scorecards for Different Levels
QPR Metrics is a flexible and robust solution that supports Balanced Scorecard Methodology, strategic performance measurement and management systems. Organizations can use QPR Metrics to implement, widely share their strategies and business plans, thereby ensuring employee support and ownership.
QPR Mobile Dashboard
A tool based on visual presentation and summary data that enables you to view the data of your choice wherever you are for faster decision making.
  • Users easily view the summary data of their choice     
  • Access to beautiful interactive graphics with responsive UI technology
  • Access to Performance Management & Process KPIs
  • Access to views and dashboards