QPR - Enterprise Risk Management

"Enables Identifying Risks and Enterprise-Wide Risk Management"

Risk Identification and Assessment
To improve business performance, organizations need to meticulously identify and assess potential risks that may arise during their business operations and then take necessary measures to minimize or completely eliminate such risks.
QPR Suite provides a single platform for handling all aspects of Corporate Risk Management. Integrates with different QPR modules to facilitate risk identification, assessment and management as well as publishing real-time risk reports to different corporate levels.

Monitor and report risks in real-time
Traceable Risks and Actions
Relevant risks and control actions can be monitored on process flows.
Risk Assessment
Members of Risk Management team conduct necessary assessments within the scope of compliance requirements
Risk Management Solution
QPR provides a multi-user platform, featuring the tools you need to analyze, asses and measure risks based on ISO 31000 standards.
QPR Risk Management Solution supports structured management of process-based management approaches - Quality Management Systems, Internal Control, EFQM, ISO, Corrective and Preventive Actions, Improvement Projects, etc. - on an Integrated Platform.
Risk Analysis Traceability and Reporting
QPR Portal Risk Management process not only speeds up the Risk Management activities and make them highly traceable but also grants easy access to those associated with risk management process and enables them to perform analysis. Effective reporting is the most critical component of Risk Management. QPR offers effective tools for periodic risk monitoring, automatic reporting of high risks and increasing risk awareness.
QPR Mobile Dashboard
A tool based on visual presentation and summary data that enables you to view the data of your choice wherever you are for faster decision making.
  • Users easily view the summary data of their choice
  • Access to beautiful interactive graphics with responsive UI technology
  • Access to Performance Management & Process KPIs
  • Access to views and dashboards