Qlikview Business Intelligence

"User Friendly Structure Speeds-up Your Reporting Process"

QPR FactView - Qlikview Business Intelligence
Focused on helping organizations have a better insight into their business operations and operational data with QPR FactView - Qlikview business intelligence solution as an exclusive add-on to QPR Metrics.  Aimed at simplifying the decision making processes as much as possible, the solution emerged as an alternative to traditional Data Gathering and Reporting (Business Intelligence) solutions that are known to be complex, and difficult to manage and use. 



 Effective Analyzing Functionality

Provides cost efficient architecture with user friendly features.

 Innovative Analysis

End-users feel the freedom of innovation with their personal report designs.

Presentations Created with Quick Reporting Functionality

Data is uploaded, made ready and presented in one click with a fast reaction time.


QPR FactView – Qlikview offers everything you would expect from a complete analysis solution –dashboards and alerts, multi-dimensional analysis, slice and dice data) in a single architecture, without any limitation..


Fast Access to Data
QPR FactView – Qlikview enables swift ad hoc queries and detailed reporting,provides detailed reporting capabilities in less than 30 days. Going Live on QPR FactView – Qlikview takes about 14 days on average.



Ease of Use
End-users can almost instantly begin using QPR FactView – Qlikview as it requires no special training, and very much enjoy the experience.



Unlike traditional OLAP based applications, QPR FactView - Qlikview provides unlimited drill-down dimensions and features that can be modified in seconds, making it a far better alternative. 



Your users get fully integrated business analysis, which require powerful analysis tools and cutting-edge applications, and easy to use reporting capabilities in a single architecture. 



No more hassling with dusk to dawn data processing. With QPR FactView - Qlikview the whole process takes only a few seconds, regardless of the data size.