Balanced Scorecard

"Integrated Management Solutions for Achieving Strategic Goals"


Corporate Performance Management is a systematic approach that helps organizations harness the power of Balanced Scorecard method to take a holistic view to their business, translate corporate vision into strategies and ensure widespread adoption of strategic management / work approach across the organization.

In today's dynamic business landscape financial measures fall short of measuring the value created by a company . However, Balanced Scorecard gives organizations a competitive edge by incorporating, customers, internal processes and employees into the management approach.


Surveys reveal that only 10 % of the polled companies successfully execute their strategies, while 85% barely can commit 1 hour per month for communicating /sharing organizational strategies.

Apparently, businesses face barriers to strategy execution in several fronts, such as articulating the vision to the employees, establishing meaningful links among the corporate strategy and goals, rewards and resource allocation, and actively communicating to the entire organization, the methods necessary to move the company forward in the intended direction, and altering the corporate culture.

The Balanced Scorecard method has attracted tremendous attention since its introduction in 1992 and become a mainstream management tool used by 80% of the Fortune 500 companies for tackling the barriers to successful strategy execution.

Ironman Consulting is known to be the first company in Turkey to help customers achieve the desired growth, by combining its unparalleled experience and proprietary know-how in corporate performance management with the Balanced Scorecard method. Balanced Scorecard practices promote a widespread adoption of strategy-focused management with QPR Metrics technology solution.