CANEA ONE - Document and Archive Management

"Effective and Comprehensive Management Of Business - Critical Information and Documents"

The Right Information All The Time – Without Having To Look
With CANEA Document, all information is managed without a complicated folder structure. Don’t waste precious time on looking for information, focus on value-adding work instead.

Maximum Availability
Search and find information based on WHAT you need, not WHERE it is saved.

Increased Security
Ensure accuracy and integrity of your documents and secure access to information with an advanced security structure.

Fulfils Requirements
Manage information in compliance with the standards, law and regulations and other requirements for document management .
Secure and Comprehensive Management Is the Right Answer
Many organizations have their documents scattered at various locations. 
This  increases the risk of documents going astray as well as wasting time on searching for the right information.

CANEA Document facilitates secure and comprehensive management of all types of documents from a single point. Tagging the information with metadata creates a virtual, multidimensional folder structure.  This way, documents can be viewed from multiple locations simultaneously with authorization-controlled access.
Document Control For Management Systems
The organization’s process-oriented management system benefits from using CANEA Document Management solution. All production and distribution of documents is quality-assured and streamlined. Employees always have access to the latest applicable version of all documents directly via the intranet, tablets and phones.
CANEA Document manages all content from a life cycle perspective. This means that the system supports everything from production, publication and modification to archiving and deletion with full traceability and version management. The system manages and structures all types of documents and file formats.
CANEA Document combines easy-to-use and intuitive search functions with more powerful functions for managing documents from a life cycle perspective.
Find What You Are Looking For
CANEA Document offers several information search options suiting different needs. Search for information via the role-based home page, free text search, virtual folders, subscriptions, favorites and clickable process maps.
View Documents Online
The system supports  viewing documents directly in the browser without, for example, having to open MS Word. Users experience faster and simpler document reading. It is also easy to access information via mobile devices.
Templates That Save You Time
With the aid of templates, document headers, graphic layout and content can be controlled to ensure a nice and uniform structure. The system lets you manage templates for different document types. Information in headers and footers is automatically updated through the templates.
Document Properties
Tagging information and documents with properties when they are created vastly improves searchability. Same documents can then be viewed under different categories -  process, department, approver and document type-  in so-called virtual folders.
Quality - Assured Content
CANEA Document handles documents from a life cycle perspective with support for development, review, approval, revision and finally archiving. Referral support helps to ensure both traceability and the accuracy of your business-critical documents.
Read and Understood
CANEA Document supports receipts in several ways. Has the document been read by the relevant employees? Has the document been read and understood? There is also support for distribution receipts for documents that need to be printed on paper. Electronic signatures can be activated for approving documents, etc.
Personal Home Page
Users can have fast and easy access to relevant documents with the click of a button on the home page. The home page is role-based and designed to primarily display  information relevant for the logged-in user, based on role and requirements. The design and content of the home page can be modified centrally or at individual level. 
Automatic Archiving
CANEA Document offers the perfect archiving capabilities with advanced archive searchability, and the option to restore archived documents. The user’s permission level controls access to the archive and previous versions of the document. All information is version-managed in the system and is fully traceable back to the original/ earliest versions.
Bulk Maintenance
With the system, you can maintain large numbers of documents with ease. This is often necessary during organizational changes or information restructuring process.  Bulk maintenance functions allow administrators, for instance, to change approver on hundreds of documents with a few clicks.