Risk and Internal Control

"Effective Implementation Methodology for Effective Risk Management"

Risk Management is an integrated process that helps organizations achieve their goals by building trust and credibility, identifying likely setbacks and risks and providing full support to organizational risk management. Whereas Compliance Management is a set of policies and procedures that provide guidance to companies on complying with rapidly increasing rules and regulations imposed by all stakeholders -customers, suppliers, government agencies, employees and shareholders.

Driven by increased complexity of doing business due to globalization, re-engineered products and services and outsourcing, businesses are striving to stay ahead of the competition in a dynamic risk landscape. Even a minor oversight or mishap may indelibly hurt a company's reputation, credibility and business connections.


The risk landscape grew even more complex with successive introduction of new rules and regulations by government authorities and industry regulatory authorities (i.e. Sarbanes Oxley, KonTrag, Basel II, J-SOX etc.), rendering the stand-alone project- based approach to compliance and risk management obsolete and expensive.

Ironman Consulting offers Risk & Compliance Management consulting services to help organizations improve their internal control systems, using an integrated method to cover all risks & compliance rules that affect business operations. The company uses a process-based approach to enable detection of relevant risks with high-reliability and as well as defining and assessment of such risks by deploying suitable control systems and continuous monitoring for effectiveness.

Risk Management & Compliance provides a process-based control mechanism for warding -off risks and avoiding regulation breaches, and helps organizations turn internal control practices into a strategic advantage rather than some ad-hoc tactical moves.