Activity Based Costing

"Helps Determine Actual Costs"

Strategic Budget Management

Conventional budgeting is an indispensable management tool for organizations, but not without pitfalls. However, if not linked to strategic planning, conventional budgeting is unable to provide a complete picture of resource distribution in an organization. 

Ironman Consulting offers business and technology consulting services to companies on Strategic Budget Management. Stratejik Bütçe Yönetim modeli de, QPR CostPerform teknoloji çözümü ile uygulamaya alınıyor.


Activity Based Cost Management

Businesses take initiatives to reduce costs and increase productivity. QPR CostPerform offers tools to help you have a firm grip on your organization’s costs, capacity and profitability.   With its flexible and complex computing capabilities, QPR CostPerform provides guidance to businesses in diverse sectors.


With QPR CostPerform, companies can analyze their process–related costs, and export data to other applications. QPR CostPerform provides Strategic Budget Management and Activity Based Cost Management on a single architecture.


Determine and Report Cost Data
QPR CostPerform helps businesses determine actual costs of their activities, products and customers, and enables users to monitor the product – resource links and integration with the general ledger. Also, the analysis tool, enhanced with rich reporting capabilities, is perfect for checking data accuracy.


Story of the Strategy
Strategic Budget Management enables businesses to integrate their strategic management and budget management process and to view their Strategy’s Story through the budget application. This method facilitates integrating strategic plans and operational plans.