Lean Management 4.0 - Process Mining

"Enables To Discover and Optimize Your Processes"

There are two reasons for the increased popularity of process mining.

Extracting detailed information from data clusters using process mining techniques and demand for reliable quantitative tools to improve processes in the face of ever changing competitive business landscape.  Process mining techniques help analyzing nonstandard procedures (20% of the entire workload) which represent 80% of the problems based on an unbiased estimate.  Thus, problems can be reduced by managing exceptions.

Ironman Consulting provides consulting services on Process Mining to help businesses improve their efficiency and operational performance. 

Initial step towards Lean Management Philosophy pioneered by Toyota involves running process analysis and pinpointing areas for improvement.   

We employ Digital Lean Management approach to classify the activities that “create better value for customers” and focus primarily on relevant processes to reduce operational expenses.  

Digital Lean Management helps identify procedures that are truly necessary and conforming to the desired results, by focusing on processes using Process Mining applications and QPR ProcessAnalyzer technology solution.