CANEA ONE - Strategy Management

“Be Prepared for Transformation by Determining Your Digital Maturity Level”

Reach Your Strategic Goals
CANEA Strategy helps you ensure a broad understanding of and commitment to the strategy by linking it to the daily operations.

Clear Vision
Creates a shared understanding of the strategy, the goals and means and methods to achieve them.

An Eye On The Situation
Provides the management with an unbeatable overview of the way the business is run, the reasons for it,  and what is going on.

Link To The Operations
Creates a clear common thread between the strategy and projects, as well as  initiatives and actions.
Make Reality Of The Strategy
CANEA Strategy makes it possible for organizations of all sizes to create a unique common thread from the strategic work to the daily operations. We do not just provide performance management tools but rather a completely new generation of IT support for strategy activation. The system guarantees and provides support throughout the chain from strategy to execution. You need to take action to get results. But CANEA Strategy proves the opposite in practice!
Agile Strategy Development
The world is rapidly changing and all organizations need to constantly revaluate their strategies in order to make plans and take action in the best way possible under the current conditions. With the help of CANEA Strategy, you can  dramatically accelerate the process of moving from talk to action, thereby directing employees focus towards a new goal.
CANEA Strategy makes it possible to actively manage your strategy through smart functions intended for managing objectives such as communication and visualization.
Strategy Breakdown
With CANEA Strategy, you can define the organization’s strategy by elaborating your  vision with perspectives, goals and key performance indicators. In the system’s SBS (strategy breakdown component), you can easily work with your goal structure  and paint a clear picture as to how the vision will be attained. You can also breakdown the strategy into components at several levels, i.e. per organizational unit.
Communication and Cooperation
Success of the strategy and attaining the goals are largely contingent upon getting the employees involved in the process with a solid understanding of the strategic goal and the context.   You can make the strategic work an integral part of the daily routine by sharing the key performance indicators and goals with the employees using the vibrant visual web components on the home page . Through the social networking functions, all employees can contribute, make comments and join the discussion threads to share their opinion.
Link To The Operations
CANEA Strategy is well integrated with other modules in CANEA ONE to provide you with maximum strength to propel strategy into action.  The management can have the full control over execution of the strategic project towards achieving a specific a goal,  meanwhile, the project team can view how they contribute to achieving organizational goals.   It means that with unbeatable overview of the portfolio of all strategic initiatives and their respective status, all case flows and results can be steered from a single platform in interaction with strategic goals .
Action Management
Achieving success is contingent upon the organization's ability to adjust to the changing strategic goals or to the key performance indicators that miss the target.  Customers can initiate actions and monitor the progress in CANEA ONE, which provides full process support, control and traceability.   Employees can see their contribution in achieving the goals and view the actions in progress.
Follow - Up and Reporting
With CANEA Strategy, following-up on operations, strategies and goals is easy.  Key performance indicators are displayed as vibrant graphic diagrams or visual objects – traffic lights and tachometers- . The key performance indicators can be defined with great flexibility to fit your specific needs, thereby providing you with the overall view of the operations and helping you to ensure that the managers have a  full grip on operations.
Integrate Other Systems
Actual values for many key performance indicators are often stored in other systems, such as finance or production systems.  Actual KPI values can always be manually entered, but nevertheless, automatic data flow at certain intervals is the most effective and efficient method.  CANEA Strategy resolves this issue with tools supporting organizational data structure.
Users can easily access and view performance indicators, strategic initiatives and actions through the homepage.   The design and content of the home page can be modified centrally or at individual level.