Balanced Scorecard

"Versatile Learning and Growth Programs Interlacing Theory with Experiential Knowledge"


Intensive Balanced Scorecard Workshop is a perfect, hands-on learning experience, offering a well-balanced blend of theory and practice, geared especially to leader managers who wish to benefit from modern management theories and practices in order to give a new direction to their companies. Regular performance measuring, strong leadership, feedback, learning and innovative approach are critical to thrive in Strategic Management. 

Attending Intensive Balanced Scorecard Workshop helps senior management teams defending holistic approach to corporate performance management, define strategic goals and business objectives necessary to achieve their corporate vision.

Throughout this tailored workshop, company and department level Goals Scorecards will be prepared using the Balanced Scorecard methodology. Also, participants will be introduced to hands-on practices on using management tools for monitoring actual results. The company's management team can expect to walk out of the workshop with attainable strategies and objectives.