I4.0 Transition Project

"Tomorrow's Production and Information Management Systems"

I4.0 Transition Project
Your journey to Industry 4.0 may include wide variety of projects spanning infrastructural changes in Information Technology / Information Management to building a "Smart Factory" that is run by cyber physical systems. Ironman Consulting provides support for project planning, design and implementation to help you have a productive and risk-free journey to Industry 4.0
Case Studies
Case Study I: In the Automotive industry, vertical integration of the production systems with fully integrated assembly lines makes it possible to manufacture different vehicle models simultaneously, and also fast and accurate supply systems help minimizing the production line idle time. These efforts are intended to increase efficiency in raw material conversion cost, etc.

Case Study II: At a Home Appliances manufacturing plant, advanced planning, and real-time manufacturing and reporting of operations can be achieved through integrating ERP, product life cycle management and production systems. These efforts are intended to increase productivity in assembly lines.


Ironman Consulting provides end-to-end consulting services using technology solutions, from project preparation all through project implementation.

Your Journey to Industry 4.0 and Ironman Consulting