QPR ProcessAnalyzer - Process Mining Software

"Enables To Discover and Optimize Your Processes"

Process Mining and Analysis
QPR ProcessAnalyzer - automatically shows how your core processes are running in reality, provides analysis tools to identify and analyze process bottlenecks.




Process Visualization
Perfect for creating automatic process flows and discovering / identifying process bottlenecks and deviations..
Process Measurements
Easy to produce reports on process duration and  process volume and KPI measurements.
Process Analysis Based On Actual Data
Actual data stored on operational business systems can be used to perform statistical analysis on organizational process.


QPR ProcessAnalyzer  is a process mining software that can generate vital KPI' s using the data stored in information systems.
Process Flowchart
Complete with process flowcharts, process path analysis as well as duration and influence analysis, it’s the best way to discover the unknown process variations that cause most of the costly process hassle.
Seamless Integration with Your Information Systems Infrastructure
QPR ProcessAnalyzer utilizes data from practically any business system, database or log file. Needed data can be easily imported automatically. These extensions to QPR ProcessAnalyzer allow for quick data integration to any cloud-based or on premise business system for continuous monitoring and automated reporting.
QPR Mobile Dashboard
A tool based on visual presentation and summary data that enables you to view the data of your choice wherever you are for faster decision making.
  • Users easily view the summary data of their choice
  • Access to beautiful interactive graphics with responsive UI technology
  • Access to Performance Management & Process KPIs
  • Access to views and dashboards