Strategy Management Office

"Utilize User Friendly Applications for Smooth Strategy Implementation "

Comprehensive Solution for Realizing and Monitoring Your Goals

The Office of Strategy Management facilitates and leads strategic planning and strategy execution process to ensure that your organization reaches the set goals. They need to translate the deliverables from annual strategy planning into the organization’s strategy map and balanced scorecards , as well as identifying the strategic initiatives required to achieve objectives. In addition, efficient communication and monitoring is needed throughout the whole organization.

QPR tools form a comprehensive solution for the Office of Strategy Management that covers the whole strategy execution process, from taking strategy to individual goals to results monitoring. We offer full support for all phases of XPP™ Kaplan & Norton strategy execution framework.


Office of Strategy Management with QPR:
  • QPR Metrics for strategy formulation, strategy maps, balanced scorecards, strategic initiatives and strategy monitoring.
  • QPR ProcessDesigner ve QPR EnterpriseArchitect for planning the strategic initiatives and operations required for strategy execution.
  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer ile strateji uygulamasının onaylanması ve izlenmesi için gereken işlemleri / süreçleri doğrulayın.
  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer for validating the operations needed for verifying and monitoring strategy execution.