QPR Enterprise Architech

"Supports Modelling All Layers and Dimensions of the Enterprise Architecture and Implementing Improvements"

Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Architecture defines strategies, business processes, data and information requirements, information systems and technology infrastructure of an organization at the highest level. The primary function of Enterprise Architecture is to define the structure from the broadest perspective with respect to organization's goals, structure, operation, current systems and technologies used therein, whereas the primary purpose is to streamline all information systems and technologies deployed in an organization consistent with organizational goals and operations and common standards.
Ironman Consulting, offers business and technology consulting services to companies on modeling enterprise architecture structure and identifying improvement areas and bottlenecks, using QPR Enterprise Architecture solution.
QPR Mobile Dashboard
A tool based on visual presentation and summary data that enables you to view the data of your choice wherever you are for faster decision making.
  • Users easily view the summary data of their choice
  • Access to beautiful interactive graphics with responsive UI technology
  • Access to Performance Management & Process KPIs
  • Access to views and dashboards