Supply Chain and Operation

"Process Discovery Enables Supply Chain Optimization "

Data Driven Supply Chain Improvement

Supply chain professionals are challenged by the ever increasing customer and internal efficiency requirements. Customers demand accurate and timely deliveries while organizations strive for lower inventory levels and cost efficiency. Tackling these conflicting objectives is not a simple task and requires a new approach.

There is an abundance of data in the operative business systems about supply chain performance and key influences. Currently the data is rarely used for supply chain improvement. There is no proper visibility to ERP - what data it actually contains and what can be drawn out. Whether your strategic objective is to develop a new supply model to address a gap in existing delivery capability or move from make-to-stock to make-to-order supply model, having full visibility to your supply chain is key in reaching these targets.

QPR provides the right tools and methods to make most of the data and turn it into valuable information – process intelligence. Based on event data, QPR ProcessAnalyzer a process mining software, automatically visualizes the real end-to-end process, provides key performance metrics and shows what causes process hassle. It provides insight to supply chain performance.


Business benefits:
  • Ensure customer satisfaction through improved delivery accuracy.
  • Increase internal efficiency.
  • Shorten lead times.
  • Reduce order changes and manual rework.
  • Reduce working capital through lower inventory levels.
  • Increase sales through optimized supply chain operations.
  • Outperform your competitors by effectively turning the data into process intelligence.